Our Vision

Parent engagement


Parent involvement both at home and at school has a measurable impact on student success in school.

The Valley View Middle School Parent Club is committed to promoting the success of our students and strives to bring about an integrated and focused partnership between faculty, parents, and students.

The educational enrichment of students is at the center of every decision and guides our fundraising and volunteer activities.

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Board Members


We want to hear from you. Simply complete the form via the link below with any questions or suggestions. You can also always email us at info@vvmspc.org.


Gillian Bickett - gm.oneal@frontier.com


Sarah Williams  - saxley@hotmail.com


Open Position - info@vvmspc.org


Janette Johnson - janettecline@comcast.net


Vice President
Open Position - info@vvmspc.org


Volunteer Coordinator
Open Position - info@vvmspc.org